Monument protesters surround police van banging and demanding arrested thugs be released

Protesters at the University of North Carolina resorted to thuggery to prevent police from removing fellow protesters from school grounds.

At least three people were arrested at a protest of the school’s confederate “Silent Sam” monument, CBS News reported.

When a police van attempted to leave campus with at least one of the men who was arrested, they were surrounded by thugs who began to hit the van and chant for the release of the prisoners.

The unruly crowd chanted “let him go” as they blocked the police vehicle from leaving.

Mere minutes before that display, they banged on a door where the protester was arrested, chanting the same thing.

But they did not get their way.

Rather than “let him go” the police removed the lawless protesters who were surrounding their van, WRAL reported.

It is likely the students will ultimately get their way as Gov. Roy Cooper gave permission, on Monday, for university officials to remove the statue.

Permission of the governor is required by law in North Carolina to remove such a monument.

“If the University and its leadership believe such a dangerous condition is on campus, then the law gives it the authority to address those concerns. State law enforcement and emergency officials remain available to help and support the University as it navigates this process,” he wrote.

But the university said it would only remove the statue if its disrepair posed a threat to public safety.

A siren call to thugs to vandalize the statue enough to force its removal.

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