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James Woods opens up about moment he ditched the Dems, and how he owns his Hollywood blacklist status

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Conservative actor James Woods pulled back the curtain on being a Republican in Hollywood, admitting that he has “accepted” the fact that he is blacklisted for his political views.

A supporter of President Trump and a Second Amendment advocate, Woods explained in a series of tweets on Tuesday that his politics have affected his career. He also admitted that he was once a Democrat like many of his Hollywood colleagues, but things changed when former President Bill Clinton was impeached.

Woods responded to another Twitter user who asked about the effect of conservative views on his career.

He also admitted that he has accepted his fate in Hollywood while many other Republicans there have chosen to remain quiet.

In fact, support for President Trump in conservative Hollywood circles has not waned despite how it appears. Many are, as Woods pointed out, afraid to speak up though some, like staunch Trump supporter Scott Baio, are openly touting their views.

“I don’t give a sh** about Hollywood liberals,” the actor told The Hollywood Reporter. “I don’t give a sh** if I ever work again. My country comes first.”

Actor Dean Cain told Fox News host Tucker Carlson this week that his support of Trump is “immediately met with the most crazy vitriol” in the entertainment world.

Woods, whose biting commentary on Twitter often stirs up controversy among his critics, had a few more comments about liberals as he responded to other Twitter users.

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On Wednesday, he thanked his followers with a special announcement.

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