Bikers For Trump presence in Phoenix and pre-rally prayer takes Twitter by storm

In a Monday Facebook post, Bikers For Trump founder Chris Cox issued a “call to action” via Facebook for members to “show some force” and “come together for our President” at his Phoenix, Arizona rally Tuesday night.

“We need these responsible, like-minded bikers for Trump and patriots for Trump to come forward to show the world how responsible patriots are acting,” Cox said.

The goal was for bikers to help “keep the peace” and protect Trump supporters from violent leftist protesters.

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A tall order, but with God’s help anything is possible… and the bikers didn’t hesitate to ask for a little Divine intervention before the rally:

The biker prayed for “protection,” “calm,” and that “everybody would have a good day and go home to their families.”

Video of the prayer and reaction was all over Twitter Tuesday evening.

Thankfully, the event was largely peaceful:

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Thanks to God, the police, and Bikers For Trump, it sure was!

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