MSNBC’s Joy Reid spreads unproven ‘claim’ that Trump is hiring ‘minority actors’ ahead of Phoenix rally

MSNBC’s Joy Reid has effectively been given carte blanche by the network to pretty much say whatever she pleases on her show, regardless of how off the rails it may be.

Taking the practice to social media, Reid’s left-wing zealotry pushes her even further, to include spreading unproven rumors about President Donald Trump.

Reid used her elevated platform Sunday to respond to a tweet that claimed Trump is hiring minority actors for Tuesday’s rally in Phoenix — for what it’s worth, claims of this nature work both ways, with Democrat entities being accused of the same thing.

SG Joy Reid Tweet

Reid would later comment on her own tweet, which has been re-tweeted 15,000 times, to say “the original link is down.”

The tweet she linked to is from an self-described “Organizer/Activist. Defender of black women.”

The only problem is, there’s nothing to suggest the claim is true.

Most people living in this century know that similar claims have proven to be little more than hoaxes.

And while party faithful were eager to believe the ad was real, rational-minded social media users were willing to call a spade a spade.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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Tom Tillison


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