CEO of NASCAR sponsor Camping World tells Trump supporters not to shop there; driver Mark Martin promptly cancels 150K order

Marus Lemonis, the CEO of Camping World, learned how quickly things can blow up on social media after he weighed in on events in Charlottesville.

Appearing on CNBC, Lemonis was asked to comment on corporate leaders stepping down from White House business councils over President Donald Trump’s remarks on the violence last weekend — for the record, Lemonis is no fan of Trump’s.

“There’s no doubt that there is probably not many consumers in this country today that are in favor of what has been said in the last couple days — and if they are, frankly, don’t shop at my business,” Lemonis said.

Camping World is the title sponsor of NASCAR’s truck racing series, and the comment prompted media reports claiming Lemonis told race fans who support Trump to shop elsewhere.

Things got even more heated when popular retired NASCAR driver Mark Martin took to Twitter to say: “First thing in the morning I will be cancelling my order for 150,000$ RV I have ordered. Leave politics out of it.”

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Martin would later delete the tweet after speaking with Lemonis, saying he regretted posting it.

“After a call from @marcuslemonis today regret my tweet yesterday. I believe many articles about his statement were misrepresented,” he tweeted.

The former driver then echoed a sentiment many Americans agree with, that he is “sick of the fighting in our country.”

As for Lemonis, he decided to eliminate any go between and personally address the controversy in a video he posted on Twitter.

Steering the focus away from Trump. he said that in addition to the right to free speech, we have “a responsibility to respect each another,” and moved to clarify his earlier remarks.

“For the record, I am against hatred and I am against violence, from anybody,” Lemonis said.

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“I’m quite frankly very sad and scared, living in this country were we are so aggressive with each other that it’s taken out the spirit of what this country stands for,” he added.

But Lemonis was adamant that he will not say hatred and violence is OK and will take the heat, if necessary.

“I’ll continue to take the damaging tweets, I’ll continue to take the damaging Facebook posts, I continue to take the death threats,” he said.

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