GOP Congresswoman Mia Love wants you to know something about Nancy Pelosi

Congresswoman Mia Love ripped power-hungry House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi over the California Democrat’s response to the ouster of White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Adhering to the Democrats’ prescribed narrative, Pelosi took advantage of the news to tie President Donald Trump to the white supremacist movement, as seen below.

SG - Pelosi

Appearing on Fox News, Love said the former speaker will “do anything… to regain power” and her divisive, inflammatory rhetoric “is par for the course.”

“Nancy Pelosi is going to be Nancy Pelosi,” she said. “This is about power to her.”

“I don’t think that Nancy really cares about anybody else but herself,” Love added.

Pelosi called Bannon “a white supremacist” earlier in the week while calling on Trump to remove him.

The Utah Republican stressed it is important to get past distractions and advance policy on behalf of the American people.

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