Brooke Baldwin’s face is priceless! Guest scolds her for being unprepared, then drops shocking comment

A Confederate defender left a CNN anchor shocked and speechless after his comments on the US Civil War and Abraham Lincoln.

The facial reaction of CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on the air said it all when Bill Starnes, a member of the North Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans, dropped a startling remark.

“Now I know you’ve studied all this,” Baldwin told Starnes Friday after he claimed that Confederate soldiers in the Civil War were not, as most believe, defending slavery.

“I can’t sit here and check you on bills written in the 1850s off the top of my head…” Baldwin said.

“Well, I would go look at them before I did an interview on them,” Starnes shot back.

“Well, with all due respect,” Baldwin responded, looking offended as she raised her eyebrows at his words. “As a fellow Southerner, with all due respect, I did do my homework, and I just cited this quote, and a have a historian coming up, so please sir, don’t tell me to do homework.”

Baldwin then attempted to move on with the interview.

“Secondly, let’s move that aside and let’s talk about the pain in this country. You know when you look at a place like Germany, where they don’t force Jewish children to attend a school named after Adolf Hitler, it is the same for a lot of African-Americans attending a school say named after Robert E. Lee,” she said. “Facts is one thing, feelings is another. Do you acknowledge those feelings of those Americans?”

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“Well facts are one thing, and feelings are another,” Starnes responded. “And the truth on this to pure fact is Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler have a lot more in common than Robert E. Lee and Adolf Hitler.”

Baldwin’s face began to contort as she seemed to struggle to understand what Starnes just said.

“Robert E. Lee did not kill civilians, Abraham Lincoln did,” he continued.

“What?!” Baldwin said, unable to hide her shock.

“The Union army came into the South and killed over 70,000 Southern civilians, men, women and children, black and white, slave and free,” Starnes elaborated. “So yeah, they did that, you can study some history and find that out. It’s very easy to look at. As far as comparing Robert E. Lee and Adolf Hitler…”

“Abraham Lincoln, anti-slavery, as a result of that, states wanted to secede,” Baldwin said, speaking over Starnes in an attempt to steer the discussion. “I don’t think we want to compare Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler.”

“Thank you so much. We gotta go,” she said, abruptly ending Starnes’ time and quickly turning to a historian to continue the segment.

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Frieda Powers


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