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Brave student goes to Charlottesville to silently reject Nazis and honor Lee, gets abused, expelled by Pensacola Christian College

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When North Carolina resident and Pensacola Christian College (PCC) student Allen Armentrout drove to Charlottesville’s Emancipation Park on Tuesday to honor his Confederate ancestors, he likely expected to get at least some of the push-back he received from the Left…

But what he probably hadn’t counted on was being gut-punched by the ‘conservative’ Christian college he used to attend – before PCC went full-on PC and terminated his enrollment – for ‘badthink,’ apparently.

“I have been released from my school and will be unable to return to college to finish my senior year,” Armentrout told WXII News 12. “I’m processing this and making adjustments to my life to compensate for this scrutiny.”

“I’m a born-again Christian and I believe this wrench has hindered my attempt to serve the Lord. I believe a Christian institution should support patriotic individuals who want to stand for American tradition and beliefs. It really hurts me a lot when you try to do what’s right and you get attacked,” Armentrout said.

It appears the college has stolen a lot more from Armentrout than simply a fourth year.

“At the college I was attending, my contract provided my fourth year free if I paid my payments on time, which I worked very hard to do,” Armentrout told News 12. “Now, essentially, if I want to complete my undergrad, I’ll have to pay, which I don’t have the resources to pay for a fourth year.”

Pensacola Christian College refused to release anything specific about Armentrout’s situation, but did say in a statement: “Pensacola Christian College recognizes the dignity and value of all people, and we respect the history of America. We encourage individuals to exercise discernment and seek to build reconciliation, especially during a time of mourning like Charlottesville is experiencing.”

Armentrout simply wanted to provide a contrast to the Neo-Nazi version of history on display last weekend and help show “the true history” of the South.

“I went up there to represent what I believe is right,” said Armentrout.

And it appears he represented it with dignity, despite a hostile crowd shouting at him, flipping him off, and yelling “terrorist go home.” Through it all, donned in a Confederate uniform and holding a Confederate flag, Armentrout stood motionless and saluted the statue of Lee, the “the greatest American that ever lived,” until he was calmly escorted away by police.

Pensacola Christian College’s newest besties… These aren’t Leftist bullies, but rather loving, tolerant, peaceful types just out fighting the power.

“I went to honor my ancestors today sir,” Armentrout told a reporter as he left the scene. “They need to know that what they fought for wasn’t slavery or oppression of people.”

Since the leadership at Pensacola Christian College appears to be hellbent on following the whims of all the latest Social Justice Warrior trends, what’s next for the school? Gay marriages in the sanctuary? Tranny bathrooms? Islamic studies?

Armentrout deserves better, and here’s to hoping another school gives this brave man a shot.

Despite the howls from the Left, plenty of Twitter users respected Armentrout and the stand he took. Some even started a #IStandWithAllen hashtag:










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