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MSNBC’s Tur dismisses Charlottesville victim’s mom because she can’t stop yapping about Trump

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When MSNBC’s Katy Tur interviewed Susan Bro, the mother of  Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer, on Thursday, reasonable viewers might have expected the conversation to focus on Heyer and her legacy.

But this is MSNBC, so instead of that we got a series of five questions in a row about – who else? – President Trump.

At one point during the interview Tur stated that she didn’t want the interview to be about politics, and yet she made a sizable portion of the interview about … politics.

Tur began by asking Bro if she had a “chance to speak” with President Trump.

Bro acknowledged that the president had re”ached out to her several times, but she had been so busy that she hadn’t talked with him yet.

When asked if Trump had been invited to the memorial service, Bro said that no politicians were invited to the memorial since they didn’t personally know her daughter, and certainly none were allowed to speak, though some had asked. She mentioned that there was a time and a place for that.

“You said yesterday that you’re speaking now because your daughter cannot speak now,” Tur said. “When you do have a chance to speak to the president, what will you tell him?”

“My daughter had a mission to make things fair and equitable for everyone and I’m going to continue that mission,” Bro responded, “and anything he can do to further that mission, I’ll be behind him.”

“What would you like to see him do?” Tur pushed, trying hard to get Bro to say something, anything, political.

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But Bro wasn’t biting.

“I don’t know…I don’t know. Um, I wouldn’t presume to know what the president does or how he does it so I really wouldn’t try to speak to that at all,” she responded.

“I wouldn’t want to make this about politics,” Tur said.


“But politics is so consuming…the president went on to blame both sides again just the other day, saying there was violence on the left violence on the right and equating the two. Did you have a reaction to that?”

To her credit, Bro again stayed above the fray and refused to take Tur’s bait.

“I did not because I am a person who believes have all your facts before you make a statement. I did not watch the rally, I don’t know if there were non peaceful protesters.”

Watch the video below:

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