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Anti-Trump activist brutally executes Republican neighbor

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In the early morning hours of August 8, a long-standing feud between 51-year-old neighbors Clayton Carter and George Jennings culminated in tragedy when Carter allegedly shot Jennings in the head twice outside of his Pennsylvania home.

Carter is an anti-Trump activist whose yard was filled with anti-Trump signs while Jennings was a member of the Chester County Republican Committee, which led to speculation that the animosity between the two could have at least been in part politically motivated.

Whatever the motivation, these neighbors had been arguing for quite some time, according to other neighbors, who called Carter “unpredictable.” Just the night before, police were called and calmed a situation where Carter had pulled a gun after an argument with Jennings.

But just several hours later, officers responded to the deadly shooting. The argument reportedly involved Carter accusing Jennings of shining a light in his eyes as he was coming home. Instead of talking about it, Carter went inside his house and retrieved a handgun, then proceeded to park his car on Jennings’ yard with his headlights on at the brightest setting, according to Philly.com.

Carter reportedly shot Jennings in the head once, then stood over his body and shot him in the head again as he wife watched.

Carter has admitted to shooting his neighbor, but accuses Jennings of coming at him with a knife.

We’ll wait and see as to whether politics had anything to do with Carter’s horrific crime, but one thing is for sure – “unhinged” and “anti-Trump activist” seem to go hand in hand these days!

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Watch coverage below via Fox 29:

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