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Video: President Trump humiliates CNN’s Jim Acosta during presser with a timely blow

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Some things never get old. An ice-cold glass of lemonade after a mowing the lawn, sitting down to read a good book, witnessing your favorite team beat a bitter rival, and of course, watching President Trump put the verbal smack-down on CNN ‘Mr. Fake News’ himself, White House correspondent Jim Acosta.

Trump fans were treated yet again to a Trump / Acosta sparring match at Monday’s White House signing ceremony which formalized trade actions against China to “safeguard our copyrights… and other intellectual property.”

Just as Trump was leaving, Acosta called out a question:

“Mr. President, could you explain why you did not condemn those hate groups by name over the weekend?” asked Acosta.

“They have been condemned,” said Trump. “They have been condemned.”

After a back and forth about whether or not Trump held a press conference to address the Charlottesville tragedy because he didn’t actually take questions from the press, Acosta asked to “ask you some more questions.”

“It doesn’t bother me at all but I like real news not fake news,” Trump quipped, before landing the body blow: “You’re fake news.”

Acosta thought a few seconds before asking “Haven’t you spread a lot of fake news yourself, sir?” as Trump walked out.

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