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Elizabeth Warren whips up Netroots crowd: ‘Mr. President, we are never, ever going to build your stupid wall!’

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Speaking among the faithful, left-wing Sen. Elizabeth Warren addressed the gathering in Atlanta at the 17th annual Netroots Nation conference and took the opportunity to get her Trump-hate on.

…and tear down the wall President Donald Trump promised to build on the southern border with Mexico.

In a call to support illegal immigration in America, the Democratic senator spoke about “comprehensive” immigration reform, and said to those in the U.S. illegally, “This country is your home and we have your back.”

Warren mischaracterized Trump’s travel ban from dangerous counties in the Middle East, an effort intended to protect American citizens from potential terrorist attacks.

“We’re going to fight to wipe the stain of Donald Trump’s Muslim ban off the books once and for all,” she said.

But Warren wasn’t finished throwing red meat to an eager audience.

“And by the way, Mr. President, we are never, ever going to build your stupid wall!” she seethed.

The assertion has a ring of truth to it, given the weak-kneed leadership from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, whose relationship with the president is shaky at best.

Tom Tillison


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