Watters hits Dan Rather where it hurts for praising WH leaks: If anyone should know about fake news…

Jesse Watters, co-host of Fox New’s “The Five,” ripped former CBS News anchor Dan Rather for praising the flood of leaks coming from the Executive Office as a “public service” in a recent interview.

Co-host Greg Gutfeld kicked the segment off by interpreting just what a leak is… as only he can.

“Let me define what a leak is,” he said. “It’s something you love if it hurts someone you hate and it’s something you hate if it hurts someone you love.

“So he likes this and he says it’s for patriotic value, but he really likes it because it hinders a president he hates.”

After colleague Dana Perino noted that leaks can be a convoluted issue, Watters had his say.

“So let me get this straight. North Korea is about to throw a nuke at LA, and people are leaking about what the weather is going to be like in a 100 years?” he asked. “That’s their priority right now.”

Watters said that when leaks occur during Republican administrations, the left considers them to be “righteous.”

“You can riot and be a Democrat, you can destroy evidence and be a Democrat, you can leak, but it’s always done for a good cause,” he noted.

Watters then set his sights on Rather.

“Dan Rather was fake news before there was fake news!” he declared. “This guy came in and tried to frame George W. Bush with forged documents on the eve on the election.

“He got fired. That was actually the public service. Bye-bye Dan!”

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