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WAR! Eric Bolling strikes back against HuffPo reporter with massive $50 million lawsuit

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Fox News host Eric Bolling took to Twitter to let fans know he was fighting back against allegations published by Huffington Post contributor Yashar Ali that accused him of sending lewd, unsolicited pictures of his genitalia to women and got him suspended from his role as co-host of the Fox News Specialists.

Two days later, it appears Bolling has finally thrown a counterpunch, going after the Huffington Post reporter with a hefty lawsuit to the tune of $50 million.

Maybe it seems like a lot, but what’s a good name worth these days, especially if you’re a male Fox News host?

The information came courtesy of Ali himself, who posted the news on his Twitter account.

Bolling has maintained his innocence through it all. Of Ali’s supposed dozen anonymous sources, none have actually come forward publicly, and former co-worker Michelle Fields has denied being one of them, even calling the Fox News host “nothing but professional” regarding his interactions with her.

Some on social media were looking forward to exploring the issue further:

But if Bolling is innocent as he insists he is, this won’t be a concern and surely is something he’s thought through.

CNN reporter Tom Kludt published some of the original lawsuit via Twitter:

In another tweet, Yashar Ali doubled down by insisting he is “not going to stop reporting on Eric Bolling or anyone else.”

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