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Celebs aren’t moving, but illegals are! Afraid of Trump, Canada’s border crossings are being swarmed

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President Donald Trump is The Wall. That’s what new reports on illegal immigration suggest.

Illegal aliens in the United States are pouring over the border into Canada over fear of Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration. More than 400 illegals crossed the border just last weekend. And more go every day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

illegals border crossing to canada from united states
Hundreds of illegal aliens from the U.S. are pouring over to Canada, putting a strain on the socialist country’s resources.

Hundreds of illegal immigrants from Syria, Haiti, Congo, and other third-world nations are crossing the border each day from the U.S. into Canada, where they believe the nation’s quasi-socialistic policies will offer them free housing and public assistance.

“In Trump’s country, they want to put us back to our country,” Lena Gunja, a 10-year-old from Congo, told the AP. “We don’t want that to happen to us. We want a good life for us.” Lena, who had been living in Maine, was traveling with her mother, father and younger sister.

illegal aliens border crossing to canada from united states
(Image: BPR screengrab)

Jean Rigaud Liberal, a 38-year-old from Haiti, agreed. “Canada will be better than America,” said Liberal, who lived for seven months in Florida. “We are not comfortable in America. We are seeking a better life. We don’t want to go back to Haiti.”

Inancieu Merilien, who’s also from Haiti, said he feels welcome in Canada. “They welcomed us very well,” Merilien told the Associated Press. “They’re going to give us housing in apartments.”

It’s unclear how much of a strain the barrage of poor, low-skilled illegal aliens will affect Canada’s economy and society. But it will. Just look at how Europe is buckling under the pressure of its unprecedented Muslim refugee crisis.

illegal aliens border crossings to canada from usa
Border crossings into Canada have mushroomed, as illegals try their luck up north.

Canada’s pro-Islam president, Justin Trudeau, has already has offered to take in scores of Muslim refugees from Syria and other Middle Eastern nations, and the migrants are more than to happy to oblige.

The asylum seekers are given free housing and public assistance while their asylum applications are being processed.

Meanwhile, U.S. Border Patrol agents said if illegals want to go to Canada, that’s fine with them. “Our mission isn’t to prevent people from leaving,” said one agent.

celebrities who vowed to move to can
Why are these ‘celebrities’ still here?

Twitter reacted by saying good riddance to illegal aliens. It would also be nice if all the celebrities who vowed to move to Canada would also leave.

Many Canadians were furious that their generosity and hospitality could be taken advantage of.

Others mocked the AP for its use of propaganda language to tone down the fact that the aliens are ILLEGAL.

Another joked that it may be time for the U.S. to build a northern wall.

Check out Canada’s boy-PM Justin Trudeau, who stammered while discussing North Korea, which can now hit his country with an intercontinental ballistic missile. Naturally, it will be up to the United States to protect Canada.


Here’s how President Trump responded to madman Kim Jong-Un’s nuclear threats:

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