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Limp Malia Obama hauled off in golf cart looking dazed and confused after partying at Lollapalooza

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Americans, rest assured that your tax dollars are hard at work.

Malia Obama was hauled off in a golf cart by Secret Service agents after a night of raucous partying at the Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago.

New video obtained by TMZ shows Malia, 19, looking sleepy, tipsy, or high (or possibly all three?) as she’s whisked away by her bodyguards.

A Secret Service agent in a yellow jacket clears the way, while another drives the golf cart through a crowd of partiers. Two of Malia’s friends are seen chatting in the backseat.

It’s unclear whether the video came before or after Malia lost her iPhone while grinding, flailing, and twerking at a concert for the rock band The Killers. The daughter of former president Barack Obama was spotted visiting a Chicago Apple Store at one point to replace her lost phone.

malia obama drunk high golf cart Lollapalooza 2017
Malia Obama after partying at Lollapalooza. (Images: BizPac Review screengrabs)

Before losing her iPhone, Malia was seen rolling and writhing on the ground at Lollapalooza. The spectacle fueled rumors she was in a drug-induced haze.

malia obama flashes butt lollapalooza
(Photo: BizPac Review screengrab)

This isn’t the first time Malia has raised eyebrows for her bizarre behavior at Lollapalooza.

In 2016, she was spotted flashing her butt while simulating an erotic dance. Malia was also seen smoking something that appeared to be marijuana.

It’s perfectly normal for a 19-year-old to have fun and cut loose.

But if one of President Donald Trump’s kids were caught looking drunk in public or writhing on the ground, you can only imagine the freaky-deaky headlines that mainstream media would conjure up.

When Malia and her sister Sasha moved into the White House, the press left them alone because they were ages 10 and 7, respectively. Unfortunately, the same courtesy has not been extended to Barron Trump, who just turned 11.

Barron has been mocked by liberal comedians as “autistic,” a “rapist,” and a “home-schooled shooter.” The kid is 11.

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