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Eric Bolling responds to sexual harassment allegations, fans rally behind him

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He’s not hiding anymore.

Suspended Fox News host Eric Bolling has taken to social media to respond to the sexual harassment allegations that have been levied against him.

“Overwhelmed by all the support I have received. Thank you,” he tweeted. “I look forward to clearing my name asap.”

Bolling was suspended after a Huffington Post story accused him of sending lewd, and unsolicited, pictures of his genitalia to women.

The piece purportedly had 12 sources, though none were named and no women have come forward to accuse Bolling publicly of sending such pictures.

Of the women who have spoken out, former colleague Michelle Fields called Bolling “nothing but professional” and denied charges that she was an anonymous accuser.

But Caroline Heldman, a Democrat strategist, said Bolling’s on air compliments to her gave her “grave concern” and added that he spoke to her about sex when the two were in his office.

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Heldman previously accused former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly of sexual harassment and accused men and society in general of objectifying women.

Prior to Bolling’s tweet his attorney called the allegations “not true.”

Fox News is still investigating. “We are investigating this matter and all claims will be taken into account.” – FOX News

Bolling received a ton of support from fans in response to his tweet.

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Correction: Heldman alleged “sex talk” with Bolling in his office, not his apartment, an oversite which was immediately corrected. 

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