Fmr CNN gal helps launch ‘Trump TV’ and libs can’t even be mad, since Obama started the trend

President Donald Trump has made it his mission to go around what he commonly refers to as the “fake news,” using his social media perch on Twitter as his primary means of doing so.

But thanks in part to Barack Obama, Team Trump now offers another option, Trump TV, featuring former CNN contributor Kayleigh McEnany, who will give viewers the news of the week from Trump Tower:

The president’s supporters cheered the move, with one social media user calling it a “brilliant” move, while another accurately noted that “the left must be going crazy.”

Liberals are indeed loosing their minds, likening the effort to state-run TV. After all, the left’s propaganda arm — the mainstream media — can’t possible face competition.

To the surprise of no one paying attention, CNN helped lead the charge, with political reporter Eugene Scott referencing “state-owned channels” seen in other countries:

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Ernest Owens, editor for Philadelphia Magazine’s G Philly, was quick to lay down the prerequisite Hitler card — yep, no bias here:

Garrulous far-left zealot Keith Olbermann also jumped on the bandwagon, reminding his followers that he called this back in November:

To the angst of the Kool-Aid drinkers, Steve Tomma, executive director of the White House Correspondents’ Association, entered the fray to note that Obama started the trend with a weekly video recap of his administrations’s take on the news.

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It seems liberals don’t get it that the actions of the previous president sets the floor, rather than the ceiling, for his successor.

Tom Tillison


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