‘Almost Black’ dude back to dismiss Harvard’s minority-heavy admissions: Don’t forget ‘the Pocahontas factor’

With the media marking the “milestone” that for the first time in Harvard’s 380-year history, minorities represent the majority of the Ivy League school’s incoming class, Vijay Jojo Chokal-Ingam is back in the news.

BizPac Review reported back in 2015  on how Chokal-Ingam, author of “Almost Black,” pretended to be black to get into the St. Louis University School of Medicine.

Chokal-Ingam, an Indian-American, said that despite a mediocre grade point average and MCAT score, the university accepted him. He used that experience to expose how affirmative action is a lie.

The “Affirmative Action Hacktivist” appeared on CNN Sunday to discuss the Harvard milestone — it is noteworthy to point out that host Michael Smerconish cleverly said the majority of incoming students “identify” as non-white.

‘I believe that President Trump – by appointing conservative anti-affirmative justices and by using the Justice Department to go after the colleges and universities – I believe that he will end affirmative action like Lincoln ended slavery,” Chokal-Ingam said.

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As for Harvard University’s freshman class statistics, Chokal-Ingam said “that is very deceptive.’

Calling to mind U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., he pointed to what he called the “Pocahantas factor.”

“I think you’re forgetting the Pocahontas factor,” he told Smerconish. “That is there are a large number of people who are whiter than winter in Alaska who pose as minorities for flimsy reasons which skew the results.”

Harvard admission practices are under review by the Justice Department for using “racial quotas,” as described in a discrimination complaint filed in 2015 by a coalition of Asian-American groups who say high-scoring Asian students are being shut out.

Watch Chokal-Ingam’s appearance in the video below:

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