Fmr Secret Service agent Bongino claims Maxine Waters is ‘an actual fraud’ and then proves it

In what promises to put a damper on her anticipated next gig as speaker of the House, Rep. Maxine Waters is being called “a fraud” for her support of illegal leaking coming from within the executive branch.

Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, appeared on “Fox & Friends” to make the assertion.

“Maxine Waters is a fraud. And I don’t use that term lightly,” Bongino said. “I can prove it to you. She’s an actual fraud.”

The California Democrat was on “The View” on Friday and said she was “not at all” concerned about the flood of leaks coming from the Trump administration — leaks that threaten national security.

“I am so glad they’re telling us what’s going on,” Waters said of those breaking the law. “I need to hear these conversations.”

Bongino responded by pointing out that Waters swore to uphold the Constitution in taking her oath of office, but is now saying “on a national television show that people should violate the law, violate the Constitution of the United States, to break the law.”

He added that Democrat lawmaker is doing this “to advance her sick political agenda for impeachment for a crime that doesn’t exist.”

“I mean, this is the definition of insanity!” he said. “This woman should be embarrassed. She should be laughed off the political stage. It’s amazing what’s going on.”

Yet in the post-Obama era, the woman once named one of the most corrupt members of Congress is celebrated on the left as a hero.

As for the insanity charge, America has already been there and done that with Nancy Pelosi.

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Tom Tillison


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