Whites need not apply? Minorities dominate Harvard’s incoming class

Because celebrating fewer white people is chic in post-Obama America…

For the first time in the Ivy League school’s 380-year history, minorities make up the majority of Harvard’s incoming class, a “milestone” in the progress of America in the eyes of the media.

“For the first time in Harvard University’s history, the majority of students accepted into the incoming freshman class are not white, a milestone for an institution that prides itself on educating future presidents, CEOs, and world leaders,” The Boston Globe proclaimed.

Minority groups make up 50.8 percent of this year’s freshman class, the newspaper noted. This includes African-Americans, Hispanics, Asian-Americans, Native Americans, and Native Hawaiians.

The breakdown included 22.2 percent of Asian-American students, 14.6 percent of African-Americans, 11.6 percent of Hispanics or Latinos and 2.5 percent of Native American or Pacific Islanders, according to university statistics.

Of course, with Native Americans like Sen. Elizabeth Warren, appearances may be deceiving.

And make no mistake, college admission rolls are manipulated to ensure “diversity” — Caucasians be damned.

“To become leaders in our diverse society, students must have the ability to work with people from different backgrounds, life experiences, and perspectives,” spokeswoman Rachael Dane told The Globe. “Harvard remains committed to enrolling diverse classes of students.”

Though, it appears all minorities are not equal in progressive America.

The Department of Justice is reviewing a discrimination complaint against Harvard filed in 2015 by a coalition of Asian-American associations, who say “the school and other Ivy League institutions are using racial quotas that shut out high-scoring Asians,” The Globe reported.

DOJ spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores said in a statement this week “the complaint alleges racial discrimination against Asian-Americans in a university’s admissions policy and practices.”

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