CNN laments over Trump leaving for vacation without a kiss goodbye … and then does this!

A seemingly forlorn CNN took exception to President Donald Trump leaving on a two-week vacation without so much as a goodbye.

Taking to social media to feed its blood feud with President Trump, the network said: “Other presidents paused to meet the press before going on vacation — not Trump.”

This being the network that has taken to using its chyron to call Trump names.

In the case of the chyron on display Friday night during Anderson Cooper’s show, a sarcastic referral to the president as “vacation critic” in a segment comparing Trump to the liberal media’s hero, Barack Obama, on vacations taken — yes, they’ve taken a sudden interest on how many days a president takes off.

SG CNN Cooper

Add to the mix CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta, who is making daily press briefings a contact sport in his zeal to sting the administration, and the network wonders why Trump might want to avoid the media?

But not to worry, social media users were only too glad to weigh in and provide CNN with a clue… here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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