Whoa! Maxine Waters’ FEC filing reveals some extravagant spending habits

A look into the finances of Rep. Maxine Waters revealed some questionable and rather lavish spending habits from the California Democrat.

A vocal critic of President Trump and his administration, Auntie Maxine has led a months-long crusade to impeach Trump and endeared herself to millennials who have been hoping she will run for president in 2020.

But a closer look by Bloomberg’s Anna Massoglia into Waters’ latest FEC filing revealed some eyebrow-raising expenses.

Currently serving her 14th term in the House of Representatives, the 78 year-old congresswoman spent “$400+” on “meeting expenses” at an “upscale” restaurant.

And while she only raised $15,000 in fundraising for the quarter, Waters spent $5000 on just ONE  “fundraiser event.”

This coming from the woman who once called  Education Secretray Betsy DeVos a “Billionaire Wannabe Teacher.”

And while Waters has slammed Trump for hiring his own children, she apparently had no problem with her own daughter racking up thousands of dollars working on her mother’s campaign.

Apparently, Waters’ anti-Trump crusade has made a “resistance hero” out of the woman who was dubbed one of the nation’s “most corrupt” elected officials when she pressed for a bailout for a bank with ties to her family.

Of course, Waters claims her attacks on President Trump are justified and her own past ethical violations have no bearing.

“If you’re trying to compare me with Trump, it’s totally different,” Waters told The Daily Beast.

“This story that you’re trying to put together, to somehow make it look as if I am as bad as a Trump, and I do bad things, and that somehow I don’t deserve to criticize him, is not credible,” she said.

Waters and typical liberal Democrats never truly see the reflection in the mirror.

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Frieda Powers


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