Sessions, Coats talk tough on leakers in major crackdown, say 4 charged and more to come

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Thursday that four people have been charged in connection with leaking information.

Sessions warned at a briefing that the “culture of leaking must stop,” adding that the Department of Justice has “more than tripled” the number of investigations into leaks that were occurring at the end of the Obama administration.

“I have this warning for would-be leakers: Don’t do it,” he said. “I strongly agree with the president and condemn in the strongest terms the staggering number of leaks.”

“We have already charged four people with unlawfully disclosing classified material or with concealing contacts with foreign intelligence officers,” Sessions said.

National Intelligence Director Dan Coats claimed some of the leaks are coming from Congress and the Executive branch, Fox News Live Blog, reported.

“Any disclosure outside of authorized channels is a criminal offense,” Coats said. “We will simply not tolerate the illegal release of classified information.”

The DOJ released a lengthy statement on the crackdown, and Sessions held a presser that can be watch below.


Despite all the tough talk, plenty of folks are skeptical that the crackdown will work. Others, are relieved to hear action is being taken:

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