Media Matters shames Sean Hannity’s advertisers in bully attempt to destroy him

After successfully leading a campaign to get former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly off the air, left-wing talking points distributor, Media Matters For America, has its sights set on its next target.

“Stop Sean Hannity – It’s Time For Hannity To Go,” blares a meme on the front of the Media Matters website.

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The campaign targets advertisers on Hannity’s Fox News program in an effort to defund the popular host’s prime time show.

“At this point, if a company is sponsoring Sean Hannity’s show, it is essentially supporting a Trump propaganda operation. It needs to stop,” reads a petition the meme links to.

The petition accuses Hannity of conspiring with President Donald Trump to “spread fabricated stories, smear detractors, and undercut the rule of law.”

As evidenced by the violent Antifa protests against conservative speakers, the left fears having to fight on the battlefield of ideas and, thus, prefers to silence any opposing opinions.

In that vein, Media Matters wants its readers to pressure advertisers to abandon Hannity for no other reason other than that they don’t approve of what he says.

“If Fox won’t fire Hannity, then advertisers should run as fast as they can, or else they run the risk of being complicit in his deceit and recklessness. Advertisers will get burned if they continue to associate with Hannity — plain and simple,” the petition read.

A #FireHannity campaign trended on social media this week in conjunction with the campaign.

But no one seems to point out any transgressions the host committed to warrant this type of campaign.

It’s really easier to stop people from hearing what Hannity has to say than to simply disagree with what he reports?

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Carmine Sabia


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