Laura Ingraham fires off tweet that puts McMaster in the hot seat

Talk radio host Laura Ingraham wants real punishment for White House leakers undermining President Donald Trump.

In a tweet Thursday she called for convicted leakers to be punished by serving hard time. Ironically, Ingraham’s tweet came the night before Attorney General Jeff Sessions would announce a major crackdown on the leaking epidemic plaguing the Trump administration.

“Obama holdovers at (the National Security Council) or State Dept who are leaking (should) do real time for these leaks. Why has McMasters fired actual Trump supporters?” she tweeted.

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster is at odds with the president over foreign policy, and his favor with the president was presumably not helped by the fact that he allowed former aide to President Obama, Susan Rice, to keep her security clearance.

It has also been reported that McMaster is firing those loyal to President Trump, according to The Daily Beast.

The president hasn’t liked the plans he’s been presented on Iran, Afghanistan, or ISIS,” an official told The Daily Beast. “The process hasn’t worked like it should.”

To make a path for his own vision, McMaster is removing those loyal to President Trump, according to The Daily Beast.

Empowered by a new chief of staff and goosed by a president angry over a lack of progress, National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster is sweeping out some of the White House’s most fervent ideologues and Trump loyalists.

Ingraham’s tweet set off supporters of the president who have had it with, what they believe is, deep state obstruction of the president.

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