Huge mistake! Berkeley butcher shop caves, posts unbelievable sign to appease ‘animal rights’ bullies

Imagine a butcher shop that posts a sign denouncing the killing of animals.

A California butcher shop has put up just such a sign in its front store window, caving in to animal rights activists who held weekly demonstrations there.

The Local Butcher Shop in Berkeley capitulated to a list of demands by animal rights group, Direct Action Everywhere, after intense protests that included demonstrators covered in fake blood and wrapped in plastic to portray cuts of meat, The Washington Post reported.

In what amounts to a form of extortion, store owners Monica and Aaron Rocchino gave in to demands by the group also known as DXE, placing a sign in their front window that reads “Attention: Animals lives are their right. Killing them is violent and unjust, no matter how it’s done.”

Despite its farms’ humane practices described on its website, the Local Butcher Shop was subjected to regular protests by the activist group which believes in legal personhood for animals, and “total animal liberation,” according to the Post. The graphic demonstrations coincided with the shop’s weekly butchering classes.

“They are supporters of animal welfare, which is very distinct from animals rights,” DXE organizer and investigator Matt Johnson said said of the business. “The notion of the right way to do the wrong thing is exactly what we are here to challenge.”

Following weeks of protests, Johnson said the group was approached by the shop’s owners and the agreement was reached to post the sign which DXE created. But apparently, that is still not good enough.

“If it was up to us, it would be very front, very center,” Johnson said. “As it is now, it’s on one of the windows that is off to the side.”

And after caving in, the shop was not even guaranteed that demonstrators would not be back.

“We haven’t committed to never protesting there again,” Johnson said. “We don’t want that sign to be there forever, because we want that business to eventually not be killing animals.”

The store owners declined to comment when asked by the Post.

“I have a lot to say about it, but I don’t want to give any more attention to it, because it’s what the protesters want,” Aaron Rocchino said.

But it appears Rocchino already gave the protesters what they wanted, setting a precedent for the group which sees the success of its tactics as a motivation to target other businesses that sell meat.

Twitter users criticized the decision by the butcher shop and condemned the “food terrorists” who intimidated the business owners as well as shoppers.

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Frieda Powers


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