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GOP rep concerned DWS aide may have ties to terrorism, calls on DOJ to freeze his assets

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Florida Congressman Ron DeSantis expressed concern that the Pakastani IT worker employed by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the disgraced former chair of the DNC, may have ties to terrorism.

Imran Awan, who worked for a number of other Democratic lawmakers, was arrested by the FBI as he tried to exit the U.S. to travel to Pakistan. He is accused of bank fraud for allegedly obtaining a loan “for a rental property he does not own” and sending the money to Pakistan, The Washington Examiner reported.

DeSantis, who sits on the oversight committee member and is chair of its national security subcommittee, sent Attorney General Jeff Sessions a letter on Wednesday outlining his concerns.

“While we can never tolerate breaches of the public trust, the wire transfer to Pakistan is particularly alarming as Pakistan is home to numerous terrorist organizations,” the Republican lawmaker wrote.

DeSantis is calling on Sessions to expand the investigation of Awan, to include freezing his assets and probing his bank account activity.

“The DOJ needs to do what it can to freeze proceeds from any illicit transactions made by Awan,” DeSantis told The Washington Free Beacon. “Given the allegations against him it would be unthinkable that he’d be allowed to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars to Pakistan.”

DeSantis echoed his terrorism concerns in a statement Wednesday.

“The allegations levied against Imran Awan are alarming and could have serious national security ramifications,” he said. “The Department of Justice must work to immediately mitigate the damage done by Awan and take whatever measures are necessary, including freezing illicit funds, in order to fully investigate this incident.”

Tom Tillison


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