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Decorated Marine, turned reality star says he doesn’t ‘give a s**t’ if he offends — and libs are losing it

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Did you really expect a Marine to be politically correct?

“Big Brother” star Cody Nickson is under fire from the LGBT community for remarks he made about transgender people.

Using the term “tranny,” which trangenders find offensive, the decorated Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan was captured on “Big Brother” live feeds speaking his mind and is being called a “transphobic” for doing so.

SG US Marine

In the clip, Nickson is talking with fellow house guest Jessica Graf and asked, “How does one tape his di*k down?”

“I don’t know. Isn’t that at thing?” Graf replied.

“For trannies, I guess,” Nickson said, prompting Graf to cover his mouth with her hand.

“Do you really think I could give a sh*t that like .0000-f**king-1 percent of the population is f**king trannies,” he said when Graf removed her hand. “I don’t give a fu**k.

“I promise you they’re not expecting me to really f**king sympathize with their psychological cause.”

In a second clip, Graf reminded Nickson of his earlier comments while among other house guests.

“What? Tranny? I don’t give a sh*t,” he answered. “Do you really think they’re going to come at a Marine Corps infantryman for f**king saying the word tranny?”

The others are seen laughing at Nickson’s remark.

Here’s a sampling of some of the backlash Nickson received, as well as a few responses in his defense:


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