11-yr-old impresses Trump with letter on work ethic: Let me mow WH lawn, ‘I will do this at no charge’

In a letter to President Trump, a lawn care business owner offered to mow the White House lawn at no charge.

The business owner is 11 years-old.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders read a letter from Frank at Wednesday’s press briefing, saying the young boy “embodies the enterprising and ambitious spirit of America.”

After reading the Virginia boy’s letter, Sanders said she had spoken with the president and he wanted to let Frank know that he’s “doing a great job” and he should “keep working hard.”

Sanders also told Frank that Trump wished him a happy birthday, as he turned 11 years-old in the time since he wrote the letter and it was received and read.

Frank was invited to spend a morning at the White House with the groundskeeper to see how the U.S. Parks Service maintains the 18 acres of the White House complex.

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“And he’d love to give you the opportunity to cut the grass in the Rose Garden,” Sanders said.

“It’s our responsibility to keep the American Dream alive for kids like Frank, immigrants who are already here and those who dream of immigrating here in the future,” she added.

Last week, Sanders read another letter from a young fan of Trump’s, explaining that she would occasionally be taking some time at regular press briefings to read letters from American children.

The letter, from a 9 year-old nicknamed “Pickle” who said Trump was his favorite president, sparked a meltdown on social media and from the mainstream press which wondered if he actually existed. The Washington Post tracked down Dylan to prove he really wrote the letter.

Frank’s letter offering lawn care services to the president did not bring on the same level of hysteria, but there were plenty of haters on social media ready to mock the boy’s offer, the authenticity of the letter and just use the occasion to be negative about Trump and the press secretary.

There were also plenty of others who showed appreciation for the letter and simple American values Frank embodied.

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