TMZ reports bombshell rumor that Scaramucci has been dating Kimberly Guilfoyle

Rumors are circulating about a salacious affair between ousted White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci and sultry Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle, and the Mooch is none too happy about it.

When Scaramucci tendered his resignation the reports were that his removal was initiated by new White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly was behind the move. But, in a new blockbuster report, celebrity gossip website TMZ is taking credit for his departure, claiming that it may have been caused by its inquiry into the dating rumors.

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The rumors are helped along by the fact that Scaramucci’s wife filed for divorce near the same time.

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According to the TMZ report, on Monday a source close to Scaramucci confirmed that he and Guilfoyle had been seen together several times in the past year, both at public events and private outings such as dinner in New York City.

The most recent was a dinner at the White House that was also attended by President Donald Trump, first lady Melania Trump and Fox News host Sean Hannity, among others.

Something Guilfoyle spoke about on Fox News’ “The Five” before Scaramucci was fired.

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At 9:27 a.m. pt, TMZ contacted the White House Press office to get a comment on the story from Scaramucci himself and also placed a call to a source in the West Wing.

TMZ was told that the story began to spread in the West Wing.

At 9:55 a.m. pt Scaramucci told TMZ that he and Guilfoyle were merely friends who met at Fox News. But sources told the celebrity gossip website, and Scaramucci subsequently confirmed to TMZ, that he was livid about the leaks of the dinner because he knew there were rumors that the two were dating.

Through a Fox News spokesperson, Guilfoyle said she’s known Scaramucci for years through her work at Fox News and the two are “good friends.”

Scaramucci also denied the rumors floating around that his white house exit had anything to do with speculation surrounding him and Kimberly Guilfoyle to TMZ.

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