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Mueller hires another Democrat donor, who worked for Obama, in his war against President Trump

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Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating president Trump, has added another Democrat donor to his team of investigators.

As if former FBI Director James Comey’s friend hadn’t stacked the deck enough against the president, he has now added an eighth Democrat donor to his team of legal minds on a mission to find something to pin on President Donald Trump, Reuters reported.

Greg Andres, who worked for the Justice Department during the Obama administration, started work on Mueller’s team on Tuesday.

Federal election records showed that Andres donated at least $3,700 to Democrat candidates, which included a $2,700 donation to New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, according to a search conducted by the Daily Caller.

Seven other attorneys on Mueller’s team donated a total of $60,700 to Democrat candidates, according to the Caller.

Ronnie Abrams Image: Wikipedia

And if that wasn’t enough, Andres’ wife, Ronnie Abrams is a U.S. District judge for the Southern District of New York who was appointed by former President Obama in 2011.

Abrams was assigned to, and recused herself from, a case in which a watchdog group has sued the president, claiming that he has violated the Constitution because the hotels he owns do business with foreign governments.

The president has been critical of Mueller’s team because of its ties to the Democrat party.

Mueller himself is a registered Republican, but his hiring of many Democrat donors, and his friendship with former FBI Director Comey, has raised many eyebrows.

Including Arizona Rep. Trent Franks who said that Mueller’s ties to Comey, who the president fired, means he “must resign” from the investigation.

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