Michelle Obama was enjoying her pity party about being first lady until James Woods crashed it bigly

Michelle Obama’s pity party in her first public appearance since leaving the White House drew very little sympathy from regular folk.

Outspoken conservative actor James Woods also, apparently, had no patience for Obama drama.

Apparently being America’s First Lady for eight years while she traveled, hosted world leaders and had every need met was still a huge struggle for Obama who spoke about how much words and racism hurt her during the two terms her husband served as president.

Obama whined about the challenges to an adoring crowd at a women’s forum in Denver last month.

But playing the race card – again – and complaining about the difficulties she allegedly faced while Americans watched her take luxurious and frequent vacations funded by taxpayers was just asking too much.

Woods seemed to speak for many with his response and his brutal dose of reality was echoed by countless social media users who unloaded on Twitter.

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