Sadly, Jared Kushner just provided the best evidence against Russian collusion in a speech to interns

Besides the fact that there isn’t a shred of evidence for it, Trump senior advisor Jared Kushner might have just provided the best evidence yet against Russian collusion when he spoke to a group of congressional interns Monday at the Capitol Visitor Center auditorium.

But it’s nothing for Trump supporters to celebrate.

According to a report by Foreign Policy, Trump’s election team could barely communicate with each other, much less collude with a foreign power to hack John Podesta’s emails.

“They thought we colluded, but we couldn’t even collude with our local offices,” Kushner said during the private question and answer session.

While it may seem odd for a key official to admit that the campaign was as disorganized as it was, Foreign Policy writes that, to investigators, “a defense claiming chaos and confusion might be the key difference between criminal behavior and incompetence.”

When asked about the Mueller investigation, Kushner responded, “We don’t know where it’s going.”

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Making light on his security clearance for reporting errors regarding foreign travel and foreign official contacts, Kushner said, “There are 127 pages on the SF-86, but there are only two you guys have to worry about. Make sure you guys keep track of where you travel.”

While Kusher told the interns, who were warned not to leak details to the press, that he was “a lot more comfortable talking to you guys today ’cause there isn’t any press,” a transcript of the session unsurprisingly ended up making it out anyway.

Just another example of that “chaos and confusion.”

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