Fla university appoints ‘Diversity Chair’ who promptly resigns over anti-conservative, anti-Trump remarks

Shanna Nelson, Campus Reform

The Diversity Chair for the University of Central Florida’s student government has resigned amid controversy over his past statements that Trump supporters are “not welcome” on campus.

Grayson Lanza was appointed to the position of Diversity and Outreach Coordinator on June 22, and conservative students argued that he is unfit for the position based on Facebook posts and hostile comments allegedly made in person to a classmate last October.

UCF student Daniel Hanna told Campus Reform that he and several friends “were having a good time waving Trump flags and such” at a pro-Trump rally on UCF’s “free speech lawn” when Lanza and several other students began taunting them with phrases such as “racist” and “sexist.”

Describing the behavior as “very aggressive,” Hanna recalled that Lanza “said multiple times that we were not welcome on campus and that he does not tolerate us.”

Lanza has since resigned, which Student Body President Nick Larkins and Vice President Cristina Barretto announced on their campaign Facebook page.

In the post, they state that they are looking to fill the position with someone who believes in inclusivity and is supportive of all students, adding that Lanza was aware that he is a voice for all students, regardless of political affiliation, and has apologized for his “unclear” Facebook comment. They said they would like to foster an environment of inclusiveness and tolerance “that is accepting of ALL students”.

According to his LinkedIn, Lanza is currently the Communications Director for the Young Democrats of Orange County in Florida.

Campus Reform had reached out to Lanza for comment, and has not received a response.

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