So, who’s the bigger jerk? Owner confronts guy who hit his Mercedes with cart, sets off epic chain of trash talk

Granted, it’s easy to beat up on someone driving a Mercedes Benz luxury vehicle, but…

After his vehicle was allegedly hit with a shopping cart, a man driving a Mercedes SUV recorded his encounter with the other driver — the moment the shopping cart made contact is not shown, nor does the man show the scratch he said was there.

“I mean, that was a pretty stupid move, huh?” he said to the other driver as he was about to get in his car.

The two go back and forth over what happened, with the alleged culprit struggling to see a scratch after taking the time to look.

Not impressed, he gets in his car and closes the door as the Benz driver asked for his drivers licence and insurance information.

As the Benz driver goes to the rear of the car to record the tag number, the man exited his vehicle and made another attempt to see the damage.

“Where?” he asked. “Where’s the damage.”

SG Benz

It was telling that at one point, the Benz driver said “when I take the car back to the dealership, they’re going to charge me,” which indicts that he did not own the SUV.

The video below tagged the man who allegedly hit the car with a  shopping cart an “idiot,” but the real question here may be who was the bigger jerk?

A majority of the 700 plus comments on Live Leak just couldn’t stomach the Mercedes owner’s pompous attitude causing an irreverent and pointless debate over who was the biggest “a**hole” … complete with photo props. If you’re entertained by trash talk, check out the passionate comments here. Some of the more mild ones …


What say you?

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