‘He deserved it’: Ben Sasse ‘encourages violence’ on a black Senator – like Trump ‘condoned police brutality’

Can it be that a Republican senator is condoning violence against a black colleague?

If the vultures in the press wanted to spin it that way, you bet.

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott was struck in the head by a reporter’s notebook on the Senate floor while speaking with fellow Republican U.S. Sen. Ben Sasse.

…resulting in a lively back-and-forth between the two on social media after Sasse tweeted that Scott “deserved it.

Conservative blog Right Scoop’s presumably sarcastic headline about the matter, “NeverTrumper Ben Sasse encourages violence on black congressman,” brings to light the absurdity of an out of control media and the brutal bashing President Donald Trump is getting for a similar bit of humor.

The president joked about police not being “too nice” when dealing with criminals, facetiously suggesting they not use their hands to protect suspects as they get into a squad car. Critics jumped on the remark as the president condoning police brutality — from the same crowd offended that he used the term “paddy wagon.”

As for the offending notebook, turns out it fell from the gallery above and the incident was caught on camera by NBC’s Frank Thorp, who said he recorded the floor feed with his phone:

Scott was not injured and can be seen in the video laughing about the attack, such as it was.

The assaulting reporter, Independent Journal Review’s Haley Byrd, quickly fessed up to the deed:

The senator from Nebraska took to Twitter afterwards to say of his South Carolina colleague, tongue-in-cheek: “[H]e deserved it.”

Scott would even the score when he replied to Byrd’s mea culpa: “At least aim for @BenSasse next time.”

All of which proved that members of the GOP have managed to retain their sense of humor.

Had Scott been a Democrat, it wouldn’t have taken long before raced was brought into the matter, prompting CNN to launch a teams of investigative reporters to track down the manufacturer of notebook to ascertain possible political motivations.

Nonetheless, social media users managed to have a little fun:

Tom Tillison


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