CNN Brian Stelter invokes Spider Man to cover his Fox-envy for ‘the most powerful TV show in America,’

This had to sting.

CNN’s Brian Stelter bit the bullet on Sunday and, sort of, admitted that “Fox & Friends” is “the most powerful TV show in America.”

It was an echo of what was said by the New York Times’ James Poniewozik last week in a hit piece against the popular morning show, the network and President Donald Trump.

But the tables were turned when some brilliant marketing minds at Fox News began trolling the Times with a full page ad in its newspaper touting the backhanded compliment as praise.

BPR reported.

While trying to get his point across, Poniewozik inadvertently doled out a compliment by calling “FOX & Friends” “the most powerful TV show in America” due to Trump’s admiration.

Instead of getting mad, FNC got even by purchasing ads in the New York Times featuring its own accidental compliment.

A Fox News source told BizPac Review that the advertisement was in direct response to the article which poked fun at FOX & Friends, the number one-rated morning show on cable news, for being “an interactive magic mirror” for the president.

President Donald Trump himself tweeted about it.

On Sunday Stelter did his best impression of Spiderman’s Uncle Ben when he warned “Fox & Friends” that with their great power comes great responsibility.

“Time and time again, the pro-Trump program’s irresponsible segments have misled the President and, in turn, the President has misled the public. How? Through tweets about the show that trigger news coverage,” Stelter said.

Stelter argued that, knowing the president is the number one fan of the show, “Fox & Friends” has a particular responsibility “to be fair if not balanced.”

“I think that’s even more true right now when we all know the president is watching,” he said

Stelter, and a guest he brought on after his rant, spent the segment mainly accusing “Fox & Friends” and Fox News in general, of spreading fake news.

Which is rich coming from the network that has lost all credibility by pushing a Russian collusion story with no evidence for months.

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