Cancer-free Erin Andrews turns to meditation after diagnosis, advises fans about stress link

When facing the possibility of cancer, a patient will consider all options and Fox NFL sideline reporter Erin Andrews is urging folks to take up meditation as a preventative measure.

…speaking as a cancer survivor.

SG Erin Andrews

Andrews, who also hosts ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars,” is now cancer-free after she was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year.

SG Erin Andrews5

With her career choices resulting in a hectic schedule, she looks to mediation to help manage the stress, which some researchers say can specifically contribute to cancer, according to the Daily Mail.


‘There ‘s a little part of me that does agree that stress does a lot to your body,” she told “I’m not saying it wasn’t in my body before, but that does kind of weigh on me.”

“There’s no research saying stress brings this on, but come on, you’ve heard enough about how much your body reacts,” Andrews added.

SG Erin Andrews3


And while researchers have said otherwise, Andrews now looks to meditation as a remedy.

“I’m really trying to be better about taking deep breaths,” she explained. “I’m trying meditation.”

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