Author J.K. Rowling called out for spreading huge lie about Trump with deceptive video of boy in wheelchair

J.K. Rowling has made no secret of her contempt for President Donald Trump.

And on Saturday the “Harry Potter” author laced into the president again as she called him a “monster of narcissism” for ignoring a child in a wheelchair at an event on healthcare.

In her haste to lambaste the president, Rowling didn’t discover that the video was edited to ignore the loving way in which President Trump kneeled down and spoke with the young man at the beginning of the event.

But Rowling’s tweetstorm has more than 72,000 retweets sans that context.

The man who originally tweeted the video, Ansel Herz, deleted the tweet and tweeted an apology.

In fairness to Rowling, it is likely that she didn’t know the video was edit to omit the context.

And she probably wasn’t interested in finding anything that didn’t fit her narrative, as she has made her contempt for this president known.

From calling on Londoners to protest a proposed visit by President Trump to comparing him to a Harry Potter character and calling him the biggest bully on the schoolyard, the author has done nothing to hide her bias.

But the question now is, will she be as noble as Herz and offer an apology for pushing this narrative?

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Carmine Sabia


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