History shows Sen. McCain has two faces, and neither like President Trump

Arizona Sen. John McCain sent the GOP’s bill to repeal and replace Obamacare to crash and burn on Friday.

And while he claimed his vote was not designed to be a personal attack against President Donald Trump and his agenda, the senator’s history calls that assertion into question.

“Headed to the floor to speak about the new health care regulations related to Obamacare – we must repeal and replace,” he wrote in 2010 on Twitter.

But on Friday he wrote that “Skinny repeal fell short because it fell short of our promise to repeal & replace Obamacare w/ meaningful reform,” even though House Speaker Paul Ryan promised to work on fixing the bill in committee.

While that might sound plausible to some, another recent statement by the Arizona senator makes it appear that his issue is with anything proposed by President Trump.

In June 2016, the long-time senator attacked former President Obama for his decision to allow transgender troops to serve in the military.

“I will be calling up the chiefs of the services, those men and women in uniform who are the heads of the military, and ask them their views, including the cost of implementing, I’m talking about the fiscal costs, of implementing some of these changes, and we’ll be having hearings,” he said at the time.

Yet, days ago he lambasted President Trump for changing the policy back to what it was prior to the former president’s decision.

“I do not believe that any new policy decision is appropriate until that study is complete and thoroughly reviewed by the Secretary of Defense, our military leadership, and the Congress,” he said in a statement referring to an ongoing Pentagon study on the issue.

Social media tore into the senator, accusing him of the highest of hypocrisy on both issues.


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Carmine Sabia


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