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‘Go F yourself’: MSNBC’s Joan Walsh sets her sights on Ted Cruz in latest vile attack

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A political analyst for MSNBC had a rather abrupt message for Sen. Ted Cruz.

Claiming that Sen. Bernie Sanders would “go down in history as an American hero,” Joan Walsh told Cruz he could “Go F yourself” in a tweet on Thursday.

And they say the media isn’t biased.

Walsh, a National Affairs correspondent for The Nation and author of  the book, “What’s the Matter with White People?” told the Texas Republican he would go down in history as the “saboteur of democracy.”

Walsh was responding to an earlier tweet claiming that Cruz mocked Sanders who was speaking about healthcare and the GOP plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Though liberal minions applauded Walsh’s crass shot at Cruz, others were not amused and called out the hypocrisy of those who perpetually sing the praises of the Vermont senator.

Walsh is apparently no stranger to inane comments as she was slammed recently for calling ICE “a violent gang.”

She also came under fire earlier this month for criticizing Ivanka Trump’s “girly” dress at the G20 Summit which, she said, made her look like her father’s “property.”

Now her rude comment to Cruz earned her another round of Twitter shame.

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And lest we forget when the angry analyst pegged all Trump voters as racists. There’s definitely a pattern here.


Frieda Powers


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