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CNN guest takes Bill Kristol to the woodshed for calling President Trump a ‘jackass’

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Thursday’s edition of CNN’s Out Front featured so-called ‘conservative’ Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol doing what Bill Kristol does best – attack the president.

During a panel discussion about President Trump’s speech to over 40,000 scouts at the National Boy Scout Jamboree, a speech that featured more politics than a typical speech to that group would, Kristol launched right into an ad hominem attack.

“What a jackass you have to be to speak to the Boy Scouts and attack your predecessor as President of the United States,” said Kristol. “Here you are at an all-American civic thing. Don’t say a word if you can’t say something nice about Barack Obama.”

Claiming that previous presidents might have “cited their predecessors,” Kristol said, “But God-forbid Donald Trump would say anything nice about any of his predecessors … he really has to attack Barack Obama, who behaved with some dignity in the office.”

Republican commentator Paris Dennard hit back, but not before mentioning the loud cheers of Boy Scouts who “loved every minute of it.”


“For Bill Kristol not to get through one segment, and calling the president a jackass, totally flies in the face of his current statements about the president. How ’bout you follow suit with what you want the president to do. And show him a little bit of respect…That’s inappropriate. Let’s set the standards,” Dennard said.

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Kristol mockingly apologized with an “Oh, I’m so sorry.”

To which Dennard responded, “No you’re not actually. And don’t patronize me!”

“People like you have been rationalizing Donald Trump and defending everything about him, and I hope you’re pleased with his behavior in the White House and I hope you’re pleased with Anthony Scarramuci saying what he said,” Kristol said.

When Dennard pointed out the “ridiculous” false equivocation, Kristol doubled down: “I don’t think it’s ridiculous. He’s a jackass. I’m just gonna say it. That’s an empirical statement. That’s not an attack. That’s just a fact.”

Dennard concluded with the question of whether the Boy Scouts should “go around calling the President and other people jackasses because they disagree with him politically?”

Watch the segment below:


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