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Confusing ‘conservative’ tweet from Debra Messing proves politics is way over her head

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And here you were thinking Debra Messing was a liberal.

Tweeting in response to reports that White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon wants to actually raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans, or those making $5 million per year or more, from 39.6 percent to 44 percent, the actress tweeted the following:

We’re glad Ms. Messing appears to have seen the light that, indeed, money is best left in the hands of the private sector … but yeah, the notoriously liberal anti-Trump Hollywood-type probably wouldn’t be capable of seeing common sense if it hit her between the eyeballs.

So, Messing’s tweet did send some mixed signals. Either she thinks the highest tax rate is way higher than it actually is, or she’s in the running to be the next Heritage Foundation spokesperson.

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She’d better straighten up though, or she’ll make some enemies on the Left…



And finally, there’s always this!

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