GQ uses super shady source for hit piece on Sean Hannity – and he’s not about to take it lying down

Who did they think they were dealing with?

Scaramucci says D.C. ‘cesspool’ won’t stop him from rooting out leakers, vows ‘dramatic’ action

“One of the big problems that I’m discovering…”

‘What Happened’? Hillary’s failures come back to burn when RIDICULOUS new book title hits Twitter

She was asking for it with this one.

Fact check: Are 15,000 Trans people serving in the US Military?

California Rep. Mark Takanotweetedout that Trump was attacking “15,oootrans service members.”

Is Sean Spicer already on his way to spicier things? If ‘Dancing with the Stars’ has its way…

“Is this real life?”

Scaramucci accused of violating White House-DOJ protocol

That didn’t take long.

Even seasoned Russian pranksters can’t stop a duped Rick Perry from praising President Trump

“Secretary Perry is the latest target…”

First lady Melania Trump gears up for first international solo trip

“You are an exceptional FLOTUS. Thank you!”

GOP senator warns Trump: We won’t confirm a new AG

“No way.”

Pakistani village orders rape of teen girl in retribution for her brother’s crime

Calling all “feminists!”

Sweet revenge! Fox News sticks it to the New York Times, watch giddy hosts rub it in

Well played, FNC.

SG Trump-American Legion
American Legion boys group goes wild over Trump’s playful dig at ‘fake news’

They get it.

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