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Terrence Williams wants everyone in Congress drug tested by the end of this week!

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Black conservative activist and Trump supporter Terrence Williams has received lots of attention lately, and even some screen time on Fox News’ Hannity, for his viral videos mocking liberals and supporting the president. But his most recent video might get him in some trouble with a few members of Congress whose actions on Obamacare can only truly be explained by one thing…

They are stoned out of their minds!

After asking people to forward his video and advice to President Trump, Williams explained his solution to the current impasse Congress faces with regards to repealing and replacing a law they voted countless times to repeal and replace, before there was a president willing to sign it.

“I want everybody in Congress drug tested by the end of this week,” Williams said, and we’re pretty sure he’s serious. “Since we can’t get anything done, I feel like somebody is on drugs.”

Williams even has the first person in mind – Paul Ryan.

“I need the leaders to be the first ones to take a drug test, OK? Y’all acting like y’all can’t repeal Obamacare. Somebody’s smoking crack. Somebody’s smoking some meth. Something is going on. Either y’all smoking crack. You’re smoking meth. You’re smoking weed, or y’all just sitting up here trying to make Trump look stupid, or you don’t care about America.”

In reality, Congress works “for the people,” and “as your boss, I am asking Donald Trump to make sure all of y’all take a drug test by the end of the week, and by the end of the week I mean Friday.”

Because as any ‘boss’ knows, if a worker isn’t getting any work done, odds are they are on SOMETHING!

“You Republicans, y’all the first ones that need to be in line,” Williams said. “Donald Trump is the reason y’all won your seats. We voted for Donald Trump, and we voted for Republicans to take over the House and the Senate…”

Watch the hilarious video below, and better yet, send it along to the RINO Republicans who are wasting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that may never present itself again.

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Williams’ post drew plenty of social media reaction:

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