Hot mic captures down and dirty gossip between Senators Collins and Reed about colleagues

Thomas Phippen, DCNF Two senators were caught trash talking a Texas Republican representative while the microphones were recording after an appropriations markup Tuesday. Democratic Rhode Island Sen. […]

Oops! MSNBC brags about ratings victory over Fox News too soon

As far as beating Fox News? Nice try.

Dana Bash freaked out by Trump’s Obamacare speech ‘so jarring … classically presidential and so un-Trumplike’

If President Trump and the Republicans who want to do away with Obamacare are to have any chance of succeeding, they’re going to have to make it […]

SG Better Deal
Dems reinvent themselves: New messaging slogan so bad even MSNBC is laughing

One thing is certain, the opposition is not impressed.

The viral photo of Nicholas Cage in Kazakhstan that totally rocked the internet

“This picture should break the internet for how awesome it is.”

House of Blues cancels concert because popular artist ‘refused’ to disarm; band tells much different story!

“We need musicians like this! Buying your album! Thank you sir. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!”

SG - Red Paint
‘Women’ aren’t the only ones getting periods … according to one so-called ‘powerful’ photo

Intoday’s ed up, muddled up, sho up gender-fluid world, Doctor Who proves to be a woman andPlanned Parenthood teaches young children that “your genitals don’t make you […]

Naked man cuts off his own penis, frightens residents who tell police to ‘shoot his ass’

Folks, this is your brain on drugs. Innocent residents of Chicago’s Irving Park neighborhood were subjected to a horrifying incident when a seemingly drugged-up, naked man went […]

Donald Trump’s lawyer has a way with words: ‘I have rocks in my head and steel balls’

Kevin Daley, DCNF Ty Cobb, the hard-hitting litigator President Donald Trump retained to coordinate his personal team of lawyers inside the White House, doesn’t mince words. In […]

Sweet 5-year-old Red Sox fan with big dreams dies after visit from the team

A sweet little boy with big dreams made an even bigger impact in his short life. Five-year-old Ari “Danger” Schultz was born with critical aortic stenosis and […]

Popular female hunter found in apparent suicide following sick online threats from animal rights activists

A popular hunter from Catalonia, Spain, committed suicide after reportedly being threatened repeatedly byanimal rights activists. Melania Capitan, 27, was found dead after apparently killing herself at […]

daily beast writer ira madison iii calls sarah huckabee sanders butch queen
Scaramucci forces second apology out of press … because ‘butch queen’ is not a term of endearment

The apology came than 3 days after his initial sexist jab.

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