De Blasio has police clear homeless from subway so he can have ‘clean’ ride

Homeless people were kicked off the subway in New York City so Mayor Bill de Blasio could enjoy a “clean” photo-op.

De Blasio rode the subway from his Park Slope gym to his re-election headquarters in downtown Brooklyn, according to multiple press reports. It was for a staged PR photo.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio kicks homeless off subway

Mayor Bill de Blasio didn’t want homeless people to ruin his PR photo. (Images: screengrab/PR photo)

The mayor wanted a picture of himself riding the hideous NYC subways so he could claim he’s one of the proletariat. But De Blasio — a self-proclaimed champion of minorities and the poor — wanted to make sure his propaganda photos weren’t ruined by smelly homeless people littering the subway platform.

Ali Imtiaz, who runs a newsstand inside the Jay Street/MetroTech station, was shocked when he saw no homeless people on the subway platform.

“I see a lot of homeless people in a week — up to 25,” Imtiaz told the New York Post. “Today, I have seen only one. I was asking my colleague today why we don’t see any homeless.”

After learning that the platform was cleared of vagrants to make the ride more pleasant for de Blasio, Imtiaz said he wishes the city would do something permanently about the rampant homelessness.

“It’s good for everybody that they clear out the homeless,” he said. “This should be continued. This is a very busy subway.”

homelessness in new york city up under mayor bill de blasio

Homelessness in New York City has soared to record levels under useless, self-dealing mayor Bill de Blasio. (Images: BPR screengrab/Dignity Advocate)

When Bill de Blasio was voted into office in 2013, he ran on a platform to champion the poor and the oppressed, but his mayorship has been a disaster on every level.

Anecdotally, New Yorkers say the streets are dirtier, crime has spiked, infrastructure has crumbled, the subways are filthier, more expensive and more crowded than ever before, and homeless has skyrocketed to record highs under de Blasio.

Indeed, homelessness in New York — one of the richest cities in the world and home to a record 79 billionaires —  is at its highest point since the Great Depression.

Before de Blasio took office, most homeless people were older minorities. Now, the streets of New York are littered with numerous young people of all ethnicities. The shocking recent rise of white homelessness in NYC is especially jarring because it undercuts the longtime media narrative about “white privilege.”

De Blasio is up for re-election on November 7, 2017. His mayorship is widely viewed as one of the least successful in modern times.

Two weeks ago, de Blasio raised eyebrows after skipping an NYPD swearing-in ceremony so he could protest Trump at the G20 Summit in Germany. All on taxpayers’ dime.

De Blasio was universally slammed for his anti-police, showboating antics. Joining the fray was former Fox News anchor Eric Bolling, who called de Blasio a “despicable, self-dealing clown.”

“I pray your liberal pals recognize the hole in your soul and never vote for you for anything other than lamest human being on the planet,” Bolling said. “Don’t come back, de Blasio. Don’t come back.”

That’s a sentiment shared by many New Yorkers now.

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