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Afghan diplomat protected by immunity after allegedly beating his wife, driving her to NY hospital

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An Afghan diplomat who reportedly beat his wife so badly that she required medical care at a Queens emergency room will face no legal consequences for his actions.

The man took his wife to the hospital, where she told staff what happened to her, but because of diplomatic immunity, police sources told The New York Post he will not be charged.

More on the incident from The Post:

Mohammad Yama Aini allegedly assaulted wife Mezhgan Aini, 30, inside their Union Street home in Flushing at 12:30 a.m. Saturday, police sources said.

At some point, Aini then drove his wife to Flushing Hospital, where she eventually told workers he had pulled her hair, slapped her and punched her in the face, leaving her with swelling, pain and redness on her right eye, sources said.


The hospital contacted police, but Aini has diplomatic immunity as a counselor to the Afghan Mission to the UN, which gives him diplomatic immunity, the newspaper said.

When questioned at the building where he and his family live, Aini denied there was any assault.

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“I think you have it wrong,” he insisted. “Nothing happened. The hospital is saying nothing happened, and the doctors and my wife say that nothing happened between us.”

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