Are liberal viewers cheap? Brands pay much more for ads on Tucker Carlson’s show than on Rachel Maddow

The going rate for ads on cable news shows seem to suggest liberal viewers are cheaper than conservative viewers.

…at least, that’s a likely take given the vast disparity.

While MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has been topping Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson in viewers of late, brands are paying three times more for ads on Carlson’s prime time show than on Maddow’s, according to Standard Media Index.

Again, three times as much.

As reported by AdWeek, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” earned $13,779 per 30-second spot — the highest average unit cost among all cable news shows in the quarter.

Progressive darling Maddow commands a paltry unit cost of just $4,193.

The question being, exactly what does this say about MSNBC viewers, as opposed to Fox News Channel viewers.

If there’s a sliver lining for Maddow in the data, it would be that figure represents a 60 percent increase, after seeing a 74 percent ad revenue hike, according to Adweek.

Carlson’s rate reflects a 13 percent increase from “The O’Reilly Factor” one year ago.

Other notables listed include Sean Hannity, who saw ad revenue increase 53 percent over last year, getting a unit cost of $11,237, and CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who does not come close to Carlson, but tops Maddow at $5,975 per spot.



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